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  Tony Noyes is an artist in a multitude of ways: filmmaker, animator, actor, graphic artist, musician, model....ect.!

  Growing up in a musical family he began at a young age to sing, play piano and perform on stage. At age 12 he got his hands on an acoustic guitar and started to learn by ear, trying to cop licks from a Jimi Hendrix album bought at a garage sale. It was the only album he owned but that was about to change. His first rock concert, Van Halen in 1980, was life altering. To witness firsthand the musical might of Eddie Van Halen's guitar coupled with the combustible showiness of David Lee Roth was intoxicating. It was rock or bust from then on.   

   He starting honing his musical chops in the Phoenix, AZ music scene, jumping into various rock and metal projects. Learning the ropes of the stage and studio, he played everything from speed metal to acoustic music, making albums as well as music videos along the way. At age 19 he joined his first band Wicked Season as a guitarist. Later on he added to singing to the repertoire. He started an acoustic rock act called Deadwood whose sound was just a little too ahead of the curve of the Days Of The New/Tantric style that became popular in the mid 90s. No matter, he was always marching forward. As music changed at the turn of the millennium he was asked to front a band called KraiseD, releasing a demo produced by Stu Simmone (“keytar” innovator and Poison touring keyboardist) and recording two full albums with the group while getting his graphic design certification. At the same time he fell into some modeling jobs to bring in extra money. Working long hours by day in a sign shop as an artist, he began learning software that would lead him to animating and filmmaking in the years to come.

   Taking a break from music to focus on his other art pursuits and family life he was enticed back to the stage after being asked to audition for an 80's tribute band several years back. The burgeoning tribute scene was starting to get hot and it was a chance to combine his loves of acting and music together, dressing in the wildest 80's getups he could find while screaming his lungs out nightly. He was touring the U.S. and making a living while resharpening his singing and stage skills, at one point playing in nine bands simultaneously! With a wicked sense of humor he portrayed Vince Neil, Axl Rose, and Paul Stanley as well as creating a few of his own characters. All the while reinvigorating his love of music and wanting to create again.

   It was at this point Tony also began to become focused on filmmaking, feeling he had enough knowledge to create quality films and tell the stories he wanted to tell. Slowly backing away from each band, he found himself fully engulfed in film while continuing to write songs from time to time, the musical itch always present. He created a handful of films, winning some independent film awards for his work along the way. He also made various music videos, wining several awards in the film fest circuit as well.

   In 2019 he approached bassist/producer Chris Catero to produce a solo album he had been wanting to make since he started in music. Chris is a Phoenix music scene vet as well, his band Razer having been a scene staple for several years while also playing with ex-Megadeth guitar god Marty Friedman and in legendary Dokken drummer Wild Mick Brown's solo band The Bourbon Ballet. It was through an opening gig for Wild Mick's band that Tony got to hang with Chris and get to know him better. Afterward Tony was asked to sing on a single called “Suicide Love” for a one off project Chris was producing that also happened to have he and Mick as the rhythm section. The recording of that single proved to be a creative and fun session, with Tony making a video for the song as well that both Chris and Mick appeared in. He had such a blast with Chris during the whole “Suicide Love” experience that once the thought of finally making that solo album got the best of him he asked him to produce.


   A very organic writing process began where Chris emphasized some different approaches to the songwriting and it opened up Tony's creative juices on another level. Idea after idea started flow out and a very dynamic album started to take shape. Tony's songwritting took interesting turns while he was crossing up many styles of rock, punk and metal. Many months and nine songs later the album "Good Vs Evil" was born. Songs like “Wings Of Gossamer”, “A Girl Like You”, and “Life Of A Star” showcase his penchant for a hooky chorus melody, while others like “No Fun”, “Crimson Swan” and the title track “Good Vs Evil” spotlight a more heavy handed light-and-shade approach that keeps the listener engaged. Truly an album with flow, and even the most catchy of songs bristle with real rock authenticity. Released on May 8th, 2020 (the world unexpected pandemic crisis be damned), a couple of videos supporting the album under the Noyescraft umbrella were produced. Tony looks forward to playing the songs live when concerts occur again.

   Learning much on the recording process from his time in Chris Catero's studio, Tony began recording his own music in his own studio and has produced a few artists in the process. He continues releasing singles and recording new music with his Son Zach always expanding his musical output and creating. Now, in 2022 he performs music live with his Son in a project called, "Noyes Factory" and is enjoying every minute of it!

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