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Lots Happening!!

Hello all! Got a lot of things going on right now! Behind the scenes many things are taking place!

First of all, #Hashatag Blessed The Movie has picked up my song for their film so it will be featured in the movie as well as on their website! Thanks to Donna Britton Bukevicz at Molly Girl Music and Martina Beate Webster for getting it placed in there! More possible writing, licensing and music placing with Donna in the near future! Will keep you posted!

Jammin' with a secret group of guys right now, a very cool project I will reveal soon. We are recording some tunes right now and will be booking soon. Stay tuned as this one is gonna blow your mind!

Recorded a tune with some friends in Tucson, AZ a few months back. The band is called Hooker Hill and they brought me in to record a tune with George Nardo at Luna Recording Studio. The tune turned out great and I think I may be making another trip or two there to do more. Who knows this thing may hit the stage at some point!

The title track "Good VS Evil" music video is in production and his close to being completed! Thanks to my Neighbor Linzy Taylor and their Son Lucas for doing a phenomenal acting job in the video! It will be released soo and production on the next video for the song, "No Fun" will begin soon!

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